What Clients Say...

The work we have done together has really given me back the confidence and power to control my own life, by seeing things a bit more clearly and having the courage to make some difficult decisions.
You have a wonderfully gentle, yet perceptive approach which enabled me to make quick progress in resolving some of my issues, and I would happily recommend you to others as I am sure that working with you would benefit them, too. It was lovely to work with you.
Thank you, Lucy!

I have been seeing Lucy over the past 6 months and she has helped me tremendously in understanding myself and the emotional issues I had been dealing with.

She is a very empathic person who works to empower her clients.

Lucy has a very down to earth approach in dealing with emotional problems and concerns.
I have felt very comfortable talking to her about anything and feel at ease in her company, and this has given me complete trust in her professional guidance.

I came to see Lucy with lots of emotional problems and she has been compassionate, helpful and sensitive in helping me to face and understand these problems.

I would happily return to see her again should I feel the need to do so in the future.

Lucy was quick to hone in on what it was important to discuss without me even necessarily knowing which areas were key. She addressed and probed these matters in a responsive and insightful way, and had a keen ability in helping me find the answers and solutions I was seeing. Professional, likeable, & admirable.

Hi Lucy. Just an email to say how grateful I am to you for your help.

Six months ago before I met you, I was at a very low point in my life, but after talking to you, my outlook on life has totally changed & I really haven't felt this positive and happy for years. After every meeting with you, I felt encouraged to go forward in life. I would recommend you to anyone.
Thanks very much, Lucy.

I am writing to thank you for the counselling sessions we have had which have helped me turn a corner during a very difficult stage in my life. The sessions have been relaxed and friendly allowing me to open up on issues which I rarely, if ever, discuss with friends and family.

My attitude to challenges and risks has changed. Events and actions, which previously seemed painful and self defeating, are now a source of learning and opportunities for success in my life.
My outlook for the future is now much brighter and I look forward to achieving everything I want without the paralysis brought about by negative thinking.

My relationships are healthier, my attitude is positive and I have enthusiasm for what the future will bring. Many thanks, Lucy.