I am warm, supportive, insightful and trustworthy. My greatest strength, as a Counsellor, is my ability to show sensitivity and compassion to people from a wide variety of backgrounds on a wide range of issues. No issue is too small.

I am worldly wise, having travelled extensively, and I lived and worked in all four corners of the US for 14 years.


I work in an active, (& proactive), participatory style, using CBT where appropriate, and I guide clients in exploring their options/choices in life. 

In the initial session we will explore the issues and set goals.  If, after the initial session, we decide we are comfortable working together, we will then work toward achieving these goals. 

I believe that you do not need to attend for longer than is necessary for you to achieve your goals.  A large part of the process is helping clients to achieve personal growth & development. 

I adopt a holistic approach which looks at the whole person and I encourage people to tap into their own inner strength and resources.  Towards the end of the process I do Life Coaching.

 As part of this I teach more effective communication strategies and conflict resolution.

I encourage clients to look at their strengths, achievements and future goals.  All my clients leave counselling feeling they have gained a greater sense of self-understanding/self awareness and self esteem.  They are more effective communicators and more emotionally literate, generally.  Their relationships become stronger as a result.  Having clarified a way forward, they feel they can now take back control of their lives and move forward more confidently and happily.